Feeling “Homesickness”

The truth is, when I was 20, I was living scared. I remember feeling lost, angry, and looking for my true home.

Finnegan, my (step) son with wifey Nhorie, immigrates and flies to America today during these trying, scary times.

Even before he leaves, he’s already feeling “homesick.” And, started crying like a little boy. Surely, we will miss him a lot. 

But I’m thinking, youth is fleeting. You travel only once this way to make the best of the journey.

I’m musing about Fin’s question on me regarding his “homesickness” anxiety since he departed. 

He thought he’d rather be back home if he’d be sick in the place where he’s going. 

Yet at the same time, he knew he should leave and start a promising new life.

How do you overcome it? 

Hope is one major key.

You see something far brighter in the future with your journey.

You can get very homesick, sure especially if it’s a first time in a foreign culture.

But otherwise, it’s a great privilege to get to travel for work, economic opportunity, someday getting your loved ones to join you live a better life, or pursuing a noble mission. 

You can find inspiration in capturing that hope. To adjust. To positively convert your homesickness to work for you.

“May your choices reflect your hopes. Not your fears.”
— Nelson Mandela