Meeting Your Needs

Let’s assume that you need food and financial aid. You lost your job when the government imposed a community lockdown. 

What will your response be if a person who had wronged you offered to help you with your food and financial need?

Will you accept the aid? 

Or, will you be too angry, upset, or irritated to accept the offer because it’s coming from a person you dislike?

Perhaps, it’s an instance of pride. Will you rather choose to be self-sufficient and “trust God alone?”

There’s an old story of a woman who found her home in danger of being flooded and swept away by a tsunami from a nearby ocean.

Authorities advised her to evacuate. But she replied, “I trust God to take care of me.”

Soon the tsunami came and the woman found herself standing by the roof of her house. Rescuers came to get her but she refused and said, “God will take care of me.”

As night fell, a helicopter flew overhead and let down a rope. She still refused saying, “God will take care of me.”

Eventually, she drowned and died. As she entered heaven, she asked the Lord “Why didn’t you rescue me? I was trusting You with all my heart.”

The Lord replied, “What do you mean? I sent you a warning, a pack of rescuers, and a helicopter!”

God knows your needs. Know that He knows that. And wants to meet your needs.

Be open then to what He has for you in meeting your needs. 

Be sensitive to His methods, channels, or means of delivery, even if they don’t appeal to your taste or fit your criteria. 

Our Father knows what’s best for us.