People talk about it. Some people don’t. What mishaps they go through.

Yet all may lay awake at nights fearing, anxious, unable to still a racing mind, or spinning out scenarios.

As I write this, the fast global spread of the Covid19 virus is weighing heavily on the daily life of people around the world. Panic has been setting in in various places.

None of us is invulnerable. We are all human. Mortal. Unless you’re seriously mentally sick, I think you’ll agree with those statements.

No matter how much we try to control a situation, there will always be some things beyond our human power.

That’s the place of miracles.

If you live in awareness and the Spirit, your eyes and mind can see miracles.

Even with what’s happening - the chaos, the fears, the needs - life still bursts forth with miracles. 

Miracles such as: A glass of water. A falling leaf. The warmth of sunshine. Laughter. Birds. Raindrops. Your heart beat in rhythm with the heartbeats of other humans. A smile, looking up to the sky. His presence in the whirlwind.

When we feel afraid, tired, and discouraged by daily struggles, we may not be able to see or appreciate these miracles.

But each day, they are there. And we can be thankful.

“Every cloud can be an angel’s face,” says writer Lydia Child.