Patience in the Midst of Process

Emotional wounds can develop over months and years. It can also occur instantly, just within minutes.

Marriage and family wounds also build slowly over years. Even decades, or from generation to generation.

Financial wounds and problems likewise develop over months and years. Unpaid debts can take equally long.

Right now, with the Coronavirus pandemic, the world deals with physical health as well as financial health problems. 

Filipino newsman, Alex Magno, touches on his take regarding the nation’s Recovery process. 

He writes his opinion at the Philippine Star, 

“It will take us many years to recover from the economic setbacks suffered because of the pandemic. But we must think in terms of reinvention rather than just recovery.”

Recovery takes a process. Whether physical, financial, emotional, or relational, it does take time.

Regarding the present pandemic, only God knows all the pieces of the puzzle and what and how long it will take for us to heal and regain wholeness.

Since we’re all one into this process, we all need patience. This process is one of healing and then strengthening for the future. 

Let’s not allow ourselves to become discouraged at the outset of the process or by the fact that it’s not instantaneous.

God is at work. He is reinventing and remaking us and the world into what He truly created us to be.

“The Covid-19 has a ‘spiritual reason’ behind it.”
— Bill Gates