Prepare to Finish Well

Have you blown it? Your life, with many dismal mistakes, failures, or breakdowns.

This Covid-19 quarantine period, it would be great to reflect on preparing to finish well. Out there, young or old, the end of life may come unexpectedly.

If you’ve blown it, can anything erase your past failures or mistakes? That you cannot finish well any more, during or after the pandemic?

Not at all!

I know of a 54-year-old client, Stephen, who finished well even after ruining his life by moral failure. 

When he was 50, after years of living an exemplary public life, he had an affair and abandoned his wife for a younger woman.

He broke many hearts. Brought shame to his children. Sorrow to his family and relatives. Disillusioned his company employees. 

Bedbound with brain cancer, his young girlfriend soon left him. His wife and children still took care of him. And he eventually repented ... deeply remorseful of what he did.

He couldn’t stop his cancer. But Stephen did have over a year - enough time to regain the respect of his wife, children, family, and the public who looked up to him, before he died.

He bade his dear ones a touching farewell, and spent his final days in fellowship with God. He died peacefully.

He still finished well!

It is never too late for repentance, restoration, and finishing well by living well.

No matter where you are in life’s journey ... no matter what happens after this current global pandemic crisis ... now is the time to live well so that you can finish well.