Strong During Pandemic

Today, I shared over at FB a message on how to mentally prepare for a pandemic and how to survive the quarantine (without going crazy!).

Isolation and home quarantine can have real emotional and psychological “side effects.”

We can lose our mind getting stuck at home!

Let me share MY “enhanced” Little List here to you: HOW NOT TO GO CRAZY WHILE STUCK AT HOME IN QUARANTINE!

Feel better when you’re prepared!

1.  I find and read and listen to real facts, not fake news or fake cures.
2. I limit exposure to social media news on Covid-19 that feeds people’s fears. 
3. I read books on topics I’m passionate about.
4. I write. Do my “art.”
5. I keep in touch or get updated with our adult children, family members, making sure they’re safe.
6. I talk to people thru Skype or fb messages, texts, or phone calls.
7. I work my profession at home digitally.
8. I ignore the hype, fake media, or misinformation in the news.
9. I exercise.
10. I do my daily Bible devotions and prayers.
11. I take proper health precautions. 
12. I eat and drink what’s healthy. 
13. I guard and monitor my sleep supply.
14. I have daily “dates” with my wife.
15. I get my mind off of what’s happening and not let it consume me by focusing on other things, like a new project, planning etc 
16. I keep a routine of productivity as much as I can.
17. I think of ways to be of help to others while quarantining.
18. I savor the richness of my black coffee in the morning. 
19. I feel the warmth of sunbeam.
20. I watch people and their activities in the pool area outside our window.
21. I watch my wife’s loving and caring characteristics. 
22. I try to clean or fix things around our condo unit (my wife may be monitoring!).
23. I work out intricate plans for revenue streams, investments, or rehab.
24. I note the crystal-clear blue of the sky.
25. I look for even the “smallest experiences” to appreciate.
26. I take my daily vitamins.
27.  I think of life while playing chess with foreigners in cyberspace.
28. I listen to music or symphony that soothes as an escape to another world.
29. I benefit from a distance every encounter I have with other humans in the grocery or drug store.
30. I remember the world’s leaders and health workers in prayer for favor, wisdom, and salvation.
31. I feel the bananas, lemons, and ginger wake up my taste buds.
32. I appreciate the smiles and caring concern of the guard in our lobby taking my temperature.
33. I remember my childhood while watching the little girls and boys playing around our area.
34. I appreciate the beauty of green leaves of trees or plants and the flowers in the garden.
35. I take time to laugh and have fun.
36. I focus my mind on God, not on Covid.

For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” 
(1 Tim 4:8)