Rx on Disorientation

Disorientation is the pits. It’s a foggy feeling of being useless. Depression, its emotional relative, keeps it company.

Upon retiring from the company he founded, Lito, a senior married man finds himself restless. He has become desperately, maddeningly quiet.

He has money. He has health. He has family. Yet still confused and disoriented as he faces post-retirement life.

Others who may also experience life disorientation include: professionals, mothers raising kids, prisoners, war veterans, young adults facing career dilemmas, victims of trauma or abuse, those facing financial losses etc

How do you fight disorientation?

Here are some tips, which can be of practical help:

•  live with purpose 
•  don’t let your occupation enslave you
•  loosen up your intensity 
•  stop living for money 
•  stay in touch with people 
•  cultivate close family and friendship ties 
•  read widely 
•  exercise regularly, strenuously 
•  fight the rut of routine 
•  laugh more 
•  seek therapy/counseling to heal wounded emotions 
•  trust God for what seems impossible 
•  start now 

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu writes,

“No calamity is greater than not knowing what is enough. No fault worse than wanting too much. Whoever knows what is enough has enough.”