Two Things

According to John Hopkin’s University Covid-19 global tracker, as of March 22, 2020, there are now 308,000 people who have contracted the virus worldwide, and around 13,000 died from it. 

In the Philippines, there is a total of 380 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 25 deaths. 

Carlo Navarro, the first Filipino Covid-19 survivor who successfully recovered, shared with CNN, 

“It was not the physical pain that is frightening but the psychological effect that made it difficult.”

Depending on how you choose to measure “psychological,” research confirms the link of attitudes and feelings and thoughts to one’s  “physical” healing and wellness.

I realize that we cannot control or alter some circumstances that shape us. But we can affect the way we respond to them and live in the present.

During this current global pandemic crisis, there is no middle course. Ignorance and inaction will cause the virus to spread faster.

We need to know. We need to take action. Both. One can hardly get through the hard times ahead without drawing upon both knowing and acting.

In turn, these two flow from a healthy renewal and strengthening of one’s mind and spirit.