Healing the Subconscious

A millionaire entrepreneur, Mary, complains. She says over Skype in an online therapy session:

“All my life, I pretend I’m ok. Since a little girl, I’ve existed to please my father and meet his expectations. Now, it’s my husband who acts like my father. I’m tired. I want out!”

She is being true to her self now. That’s her. Mary says of her inner struggle while in the brink of tears.

For years, she experiences being owned by people outside her. She is just beginning now to learn to own her self and her life.

Dr. David Viscose, in his book “The Language of Feelings,” made a helpful advice:

“No one owns you, no matter what your relationship. You are not here on this earth to fulfill the unmet dreams of a frustrated parent or to protect another person from facing the reality of himself or the world. You are here to develop and grow, to do your share to make the outside world a better place to live, to make the immediate place in which you live, the world that is you, as honest and as true to your feelings as you possibly can.”

The subconscious records the emotional events of our lives continuously. Automatically. Even outside awareness, we play them out into the present.

It can own your mind. Your life. It does by playing back misinformation and data which are no longer timely or appropriate.

The so-called “engrams” in the subconscious accumulate over time. 

They’re scars or unprocessed wounds left unprocessed, which are capable of causing unnecessary suffering for the rest of lifetime.

They heal by seeing them as they are. Bringing them from underneath to the surface. 

And finally, work through the pain towards therapeutic wellness.