It’s All Right to Get Proper Help

People’s ability to face crisis varies. Widely. 

What’s easier or just a routine problem for one may be too heavy or overwhelming a tribulation for another. 

A pandemic, such as the Coronavirus, may be a place of personal growth to clear the air. But for some, it’s a sort of emergency care filled with panic and even suicide.

Very few people help themselves to a mental health professional, such as a psychotherapist or psychologist. 

Many times, a family member or friend is needed for them to be taken to seek proper help.

If you’re badly disturbed by a crisis, it’s all right to permit your self to be taken for treatment, including psychotherapy and counseling. 

It’s all right, more so, to do it yourself to seek proper help. In fact, it’s a very good life-saving idea. It’s mature.

Remember to get or seek proper help early enough ... not when it gets too late.

Protect your inner “engram,” which is a change in brain or neural tissue to account for persistence of memory. Especially after a trauma or disaster.

Author Charles Sturge writes,

“Remember, emotional shock must be treated now, or it will fade into the subconscious and become an engram, capable of causing emotional suffering for a lifetime.”