Life is Like a Dream

Dream. I have one. Just last night.

It’s about a Friend, not covid.

It’s about me and my friend. I was a little boy. So glad I had a friend who’d always walked by me.

Through thick and thin. Through the
sunshine. Or, the darkness.

One time, my friend was nowhere. And I became anxious. I’d get a lot of support from him when he’s around.

But now he’s absent. At a time of deep need.

That’s when I saw a bright light before me. Should I stare at the sun?

I knew then it was time to learn to grow better when alone ... or in forced home quarantine.

Life is like a dream.

Sometimes you have good days. Sometimes, bad days.

It does help when you have a friend by your side as you go through those days.

But the fact is, essentially, you are alone.

You are born into this world alone and you die alone, like everybody else.

That reminds you of the importance of seeing life as like a dream.

It’s easy to take everyday life too seriously. To become weighed down by the necessities of life and paying the bills.

To see things like a dream encourages you to lighten up. Not to take everything too personally or hopelessly.

Everything keeps moving and changing, like in a dream.

You can’t get hold of reality and keep it still. You can’t control it. It never stops moving.

The impermanent nature of life and reality can make you feel afraid. Insecure. Resistant.

But there’s no need to react in this way towards the endless churning of impermanence in our existence.

You can use your mind and soul to get creative. Through your imagination. By looking at everything as a dream.

Writer John Loori says, “The creative act expresses our inherent perfection, and enlarges the universe by making visible the invisible.”

If everything is like a dream, then you can follow the dreams of your soul. Not remain stuck. And, create something new.

Dream.  It’s life-saving. Even beyond.

“ ... I have called you friends; for all things I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.”
(John 15:15b)