Making Hard Choices

Recently, I went to a nearby hospital and had my blood pressure taken. It’s 119/79. I was sort of surprised.

That’s because, about 5 years ago, I was diagnosed as hypertensive with BP as high as 160/90, and prescribed with medication “for life.”

Well, I chose not to take the medication “for life.” Instead I chose to change my food habits, exercise, and overall lifestyle. It’s a hard choice.

Now this may not be for everybody. But in my case, my going natural worked for my healing. And, has made me feel well and healthy nowadays.

To take responsibility over any of our circumstances, we have to use the power to choose for life.

In his book, “The Strong and the Weak,” Dr. Paul Tournier, a Swiss physician, author, and counselor, points out that there are 2 kinds of people: the strong and the weak.

According to him, everybody has power of choice. We just choose to wield it differently. Each of us has a way or idea on how to get our way.

Are you in a condition of bad physical health?  ... a string of bad relationships? ... financial bankruptcy? ... loss of employment due to the pandemic?

All of this calls for making hard choices. 

Whatever it is,  remember, you have a choice. 

And there are things in your life that you have the power to unchoose to arrive at the right choice that you need to make.