Relief for Famine

For those of us who are well fed, getting hungry is an alien experience. It’s even unimaginable.

How easy to be spoiled, presumptuous, and ungrateful when our stomachs are full!

Coronavirus causes hunger among many Filipinos, even among the non-poor. 

During the quarantine, Philippine LGUs would need to distribute relief rice and canned goods to them in different places.

In America, the world’s wealthiest, this is a rude awakening as well in the face of huge numbers of Covid-19 deaths and confirmed cases.

Massive unemployment and deficits in basic needs forced the Trump administration to release even trillion million of dollars for relief.

There’s another kind of famine equally traumatic and life-damaging ... but far more basic or essential.

God spoke of it through a prophet, Amos. Listen to what He said:

“ ‘The time is surely coming,’ says the Lord God,  ‘when I will send a famine on the land - not a famine of bread or water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. Men will wander everywhere from sea to sea, seeking the Word of the Lord, searching, running here and going there, but will not find it’.”  
(Amos 8:11-13)

The world’s Coronavirus experience makes us view physical famine almost impossible to expect or believe.

But ... have you ever thought of spiritual famine?

It’s starvation  ... of hearing the words of the Lord. Looks strange - we seem to be full of this in our midst yet remain in famine.

When was the last time that you ate and digested the Word of God?

A question that can explain why we have famine in need of relief.