Stay Home, Save Lives


My Indian partner in publishing and myself came up with a little guide for you this Coronavirus battle season.

It’s a FREE GIFT for you to help you and your family during home quarantine or lockdown.

The Coronavirus has no doubt shaken the world.

It has brought us to a point where we can no longer engage in activities that used to make up our daily routines. 

Our lifestyles have been completely turned upside down. 

And we have found ourselves stuck at home for an unexpected amount of time.

Whether we are working, studying, or just lazing around, somehow the days just seem longer. 

So, what do we do now with all this time we have with, alone or with our families, unable to go out except for essentials? 

Surely we can use this time better.

Let’s take it as a break from the world! 

We get to be at home all the time, and isn’t that what we thought we wanted up till a month ago? 

We can make the most of it, can’t we?

So how about something to help you get through this time and not go insane? 

Here are 101 ways to keep you and your loved ones entertained while you try to get through this lock down…

... and just maybe reading this could be the start of something great!

101 Things to Keep You and Your Family Happy While Self-Isolating!

Here’s your 32-page FREE GIFT download below: