Your Good Lives On After You’re Gone

Decades ago, when I was a boy, my grandmother (Lola Angie) died. I seemed indifferent though during her burial.

She’s my regular refuge. I’d come to her house, pray with her, and sleep by her side when in trouble.

It was my first experience of what death looks like. And how brief life is no matter how long you have lived. 

But, a few weeks after she died, my tears dropped freely from my eyes while I was passing by her house on way to school.

Only then did I feel that my Lola Angie had joined the immortal, eternal ages - forever absent from sight. She’s gone.

Or, is she?  Unlike the bad in our midst, the good my Lola Angie did lives on. Her kindness. Her loving place of refuge. Her warmth and care.

It’s hers, altogether. The good that lives on after she’s gone.

At a time like this, where thousands are getting sick and dying from a deadly global pandemic, opportunity is now.

Not later. Now. The good that you can give. 

Your kindness. Your loving efforts of care and service to humankind. Your unique contribution, small though it may seem, is unique and altogether yours.

It is written in Scripture about Abel,

“ ... God is testifying about his gifts ... though he is dead, he still speaks”  (Hebrews 11:4b)