Complete the Cycle

The other day, I was speaking to Robert during an online therapy session.

“What keeps me like this?,” he asked.

That question led us to a discussion of “Incomplete Cycle,” which is a principle of psychological hang ups.

Incomplete cycle is unfinished business. Mostly, it’s traceable to one’s past life experiences.

When a problem or wound remains unhealed, a life force is continually invested in it which can cause lifelong emotional problems.

It’s based on a psychological law:  that every action or event once started must be finished - sometime, somewhere, somehow.

Emotional trauma can continue on or suspended for years. The result is a damaged self.

And the serious effects of a damaged self fueled by an incomplete cycle are many:  tiredness, loss of confidence, restricted field of awareness or interest, a sense of inadequacy, and guilt, among others.

In an incomplete cycle, the life force is already committed to the wound. It’s not available for recovery. 

Only when the life force is finally set free can the cycle be completed. The unfinished business, event, or happening finally finished and resolved.


Practice completing or ending your cycles. Finish your unfinished businesses. 

Set your life force free, hopefully returned with interest for possible reinvestment. 

In severe or chronic cases, this task is systematically done in the context of psychotherapy.