Healing Wounded Memories

Dutch psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Lovijs Perquine, describes memory as a huge database of information.

Brain scientists estimate that humans have an estimated memory capacity of 100 trillion bits of information.

Stacked, that can build a building or tower of about 100 kilometers in height. 

Our understanding of our selves and the world is not possible without memory.

“The flashbacks keep coming back, doc. His cheating. His betrayal. Then, I end up punching him or harming myself. The memories are too much for me to bear,” said Melissa of her emotional trauma in relation to her boyfriend.

Melissa is on a psychotherapeutic journey of healing her wounded memories.

Trauma recovery starts with a psychological journey. 

The focus is dealing with wounded memories. Memories, located in the mind and brain. 

Then those memories worked up in the psychological dimension go to another journey, which transcends self to become open to God. 

That’s the spiritual journey, which envisions enlightenment and healing of wounded memories where the focus is God.

From that vantage point, it looks like psychology (focus on the mind) and spirituality (focus on God) are two legs of the same journey.

The journey of healing of wounded memories begin on the psychological path and then continue along the spiritual path to complete the cycle.