Stable Dailyness

Angelo Subida, Dr. Angelo O. Subida, psychotherapist manila, psychologist philippines, online therapy counseling
Hello, my quarantine fellow. I hope you’re coming along better ... as the pandemic still marches on.

Each day is a challenge. You don’t know when you’ll snap!

Here’s one tip, among several, you may want to bear in mind:  DO SOMETHING STABLE DAILY.

This may be your cooking, a walking routine, or a relationship improvement process. Perhaps, family related like having fun with your spouse or kids, or pursuing hobbies.

Stick with that. Focus on something each day that creates a sense of routine for you.

With the struggling, uncertain times we’re all in, stability right now is a very good nurturer.

The good feelings and benefits show when the days accumulate and blend together. And, you can’t even notice time is passing.

For me, this means writing and reading books, seeing my therapy clients online, and taking my walks or exercises (stationary jogging or by the pool area).

That said, my routine is all over my dailyness. And I’m thankful for that.

When millions of others are out of employment, here I am having work to do and an online business to work from home and continue to earn what I need.

Pretty cool. Especially so, for it’s helping people from my home to the world,

I’m usually obsessed with creative things outside. But these few things I’m having right now each day while quarantined help me to feel less crazy.

How about you?

What stable things or new things you can do and stick with every day to manage your sanity?

Quite frankly, this Covid is bound to take a while. So you better act now!