We have a lot of tired people nowadays.

With Coronavirus, it’s painful “honest” tiredness from long or tedious quarantine or frontline work for a great many who serve.

Tiredness can be of two kinds: physical and psychological.

Physical:  characterizing those who got sick or have medical problems like pre-existing conditions or comorbidities;  hunger, poverty, unemployment ...

Psychological: conditions such as boredom, negative thinking, hopelessness, helplessness, confusion, despair, depression, panic anxiety ...

Wilma, a Filipino nurse serving among Covid patients in London, is getting too tired. 

Physically, it’s mostly caused by overexertion, hard work, and going without sleep. Also the cigarettes and alcohol make it worse.

Psychologically, she’s in poor spirit. No desire for humor. Grumpy, and would rather be left alone. She feels down and depressed every day, fearing that she might get Covid anytime.

Her solution to her tiredness? 

Physical and psychological. External and internal.

Physical will involve rationing her waking hours, catching up on her sleep supply, good living habits comprising of diet, exercise etc, letting go of harmful substances to the body, medical checkup ...

Psychological will be in the form of seeking therapy or counseling to discover hidden emotional wounds or hang ups; study up on mindfulness, psycho-cybernetics, and spirituality ...

We live in challenging times. 

Turn up the front burner, Make a list of physical and psychological factors to bring in the needed new vitality and fresh energy to tide you over the long haul.