To Love and Be Loved

Human beings need to love and be loved.

From there, we get our sense of self worth. We all need to feel worthwhile to our selves and others.

It’s a most fundamental need of humanity.

To quote psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser in his Reality Therapy:

“At all times in our lives, we must have at least one person who cares about us and for whom we care our selves.”

If we do not have this essential person in our life, the fundamental need for love and self worth will not be met.

There’s this teenager client, Eugene, who lost his interest and zest for life. He’s continually suicidal.

Several times when he was a child, he received physical and verbal abuse from his Dad. That grew his fear and disconnection from his Dad as years go by.

When I met him and his Mom in-session, Eugene had been in and out of the emergency room of hospitals for suicide treatment.

Eugene is one example whose inner sense of self worth has been severely compromised. And he found himself enslaved to his inclination to self sabotage.

To love and be loved. 

If this basic need is deprived, the “wound” often festers inside ... and produces unnecessary emotional suffering even throughout one’s lifetime.

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