Understanding Emotional Shock

We live in unprecedented times. Things are not what used to be. We’re reduced to a basic state.

The trauma of the Coronavirus can be painful enough to create emotional shock to people.

The emotional and physical effects of the pandemic can cause changes in personality. 

Knowing the signs or symptoms is a starting place for understanding emotional shock.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

•  unusual fears, even hallucinations 

•  quick anger, frequent fights, unpredictable moods

•  insomnia and tiredness

•  unexplained compulsions or addictions 

•  indigestion, lack of appetite 

•  impaired logic and reason 

•  sudden breakout in tears or laughter

•  absence of motivation, ambition, energy 

•  inability to visualize long-term goals

•  sadism, pleasure causing harm to others

•  escalating insecurity, lack of self confidence 

•  suicide ideation and attempts 

Everyone can have some. In varying degrees, when faced with extreme situations. 

It’s common. It looks normal. Asymptomatic.

Until they become obviously painful, embarrassing, and life threatening.

Watch out for it. During these challenging times.