A Song to the Wounded

It’s a song, “Let your heart to beat again.” Song writers Phillips, Craig, and Dean released it in 2012.

In my psychotherapy practice, I always “sing” that song to the wounded - in stillness though it may be!

The song was inspired by the true story of a heart surgeon who operated on a patient’s heart.

After removing the heart, the surgeon started returning it to the patient’s chest.

As part of his operation, he gently massaged it back to beat again.

But the heart would not beat again.

So he was forced to follow more severe measures. Still the heart wouldn’t beat.

Strangely, the surgeon knelt next to the unconscious patient and spoke to her: 

“Miss Johnson,” he said, “this is your surgeon, “The operation went perfectly. Your heart has been repaired. Now tell your heart to beat again.” 

Miraculously, her heart began to beat. Again. 

A new life is a choice. 

Even amid the most traumatic of wounds or circumstances, the beating of a new life is always on the horizon.

It’s not a project you cannot choose to control. You can lead your self to a different direction.

Tell your heart to beat again.