Call for Resourcefulness

Our economic life, under the catastrophe of Covid, calls for deep resourcefulness.

Businesses are closing. Unemployment is widespread. People and families starve. 

I’m reminded of a man I’ll call Robin. He never went to school. He learned to read only when he turned a teenager.

Since age 6, he was selling street food. Then ran away from home at age 14 after a serious misunderstanding with his father.

It was then that he looked at himself. No education. No family. No or little association with people. No money. But just running into town, gambling, and playing around.

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He then decided he’d be different. Despite that he had nothing and was all alone in the world. And that’s exactly what he had done.

In the heart of economic Depression, Robin never had to worry about not working or not having money. He always made a living. 

His secret? Resourcefulness. 

It’s made possible by determination. The ability of his mind. Confidence. Faith.

That’s what Robin shared. He always made a living because of him and his deep faith. He eventually prospered.

But first he had to stop feeling sorry for himself and faithfully use his mind to get resourceful. He took personal responsibility. 

Resourcefulness is a choice. 

The Coronavirus pandemic is a call for resourcefulness like no other time in human history.