Don’t Waste Covid!

Can suffering be wasted, like what we’re experiencing with Covid?


We can curse God, we can wallow in fear, we can get discouraged, we can keep blaming people or circumstances, we can give up, and so on.

What a waste of suffering from Covid that would be!

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Here’s what well known author, Dr. John Piper, wrote about cancer, which can apply as well to Covid and other kinds of suffering.

Covid is wasted when ... 

1.  You do not believe that it is designed for you by God;

2.  You believe it is a curse and not a gift;

3.  You seek comfort from your odds rather than from God;

4.  You refuse to think about death;

5.  You think that “beating” your illness means staying alive;

6.  You spend too much time consumed with your illness rather than with God;

7.  You let your illness drive you into solitude or depression instead of letting it deepen your relationship with God;

8.  You grieve as those who have no hope;

9.  You treat sin as casually as before;

10. You fail to use it as a means of witness to the truth and glory of a Christ.