Fear paralyzes. Until you befriend it.

When it becomes a friend, fear can motivate you. It can help you learn more deeply about your self.

Fears are everywhere nowadays. It’s often a major part of the feelings we experience when faced with trauma, disaster, or abuse.

The coronavirus pandemic results in fears of all kinds. 

Some of the fears we never knew we’d ever feel. Some are old fears we’ve had most of our life but had been successfully denying.

“I’m afraid nothing will change. Covid is not going away. I’m afraid for my kids, raising them in this kind of world,” said a single Mom who is more and more becoming immobilized by her fears.

True, too many fears makes it difficult for you to function and get on with life. You can be stuck.

There are a couple of things you can learn about fears which can be helpful to deal with them.

One, identify your fears.

Fears not identified can be the most powerful and debilitating. 

Identify the things you’re afraid of and get in touch with how you feel about them. 

And you’ll discover that they’re not as scary or powerful as you thought.

Two, face your fears.

Fears that you don’t face are likely to happen. Why? Because you’ll find many ways in your mind to make them happen!

It’s best not to deny your fears. But, face them openly. 

That alone may be enough for the fears to run away!

When you know and do these things, fears lose their power. And you become an effective problem solver focused on solutions.

The best anti-fear is trust in God.

Psalm 56:3 states, “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.”

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