Here comes the revolution!

No one has to be convinced these days.

By what? That the whole world is in a mental health pandemic!

With all this going, the problems faced by psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and counselors have become too overwhelming a burden.

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The current Coronavirus pandemic evidences this reality. Many wounded and hurting ones are all around us today.

There are multiple premises out there claiming or offering to care for your mental health.

Many think brain drugs or new age approaches or medical procedures can do the job.

But quite frankly, they can only go so far because of the absence of the most basic ingredient to make things truly work.

Most of these approaches, premises, or treatments fail to go to the very core of the problem of humanity. 

They’re just symptomatic and not able to go to the roots of the human condition, where deep healing takes place.

Both in the past and present, psychiatrists, for instance, have been known to often spread the very disease they’re supposedly treating!

It is clear then that a new approach to psychotherapy and counseling is called for.

I call it a revolution.