If you are a senior, do you worry about your age?

If you are a senior, do you worry about your age?

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 2018, the age of seniors is the most productive. 

Here are some of its findings in support of that, which is clearly beyond what we traditionally think:

• a most productive age in a man’s life is 60 to 70;

• seniors are more productive than those below 60;

• 70 to 80 is the second most productive age;

• 50 to 60 is the third most productive age;

• the average age of a Nobel Prize winner is 62;

• the average age of a CEO in a Fortune 500 company is 63;

• the average age of the pastors of the 100 biggest churches in America is 71;

• the average age of Pope is 76.

These scientific studies somehow tell us of God’s design!

God has designed that the best years of  life are 60-80! It’s when one does his or her best work.

You may want to check it out in the Bible.

Be happy if you’re a senior!

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