Managing Anxiety

At this present time of the Coronavirus, anxiety is soaring high.

People are increasingly anxious now than the year before. Understandably so, given the situation.

Remember though that there is such a thing as normal or healthy anxiety. Its purpose is to keep you safe.

However, if your anxiety gets too high, it can take a toll on your life and you’re unable to function.

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My client, Trixie, got so focused on news in social media each day since the pandemic erupted.

“I feel upset and nervous whenever I see those Covid death and infection statistics rising fast,” she said. 

“And I don’t know, I keep drinking coffee by the hour!,” Trixie continued during a Zoom session.

It looks like preventing anxiety to become full blown then logically involves some necessary “cuts.”

“Cuts,” such as reducing or moderating our social media exposures and intake of caffeine.

We can view anxiety as an “external force” of sort.

By that, I mean we need to be on guard on ways it can make you stuck or pace in circles than get something productive done.

I myself got anxious too during the lockdown. At times, not noticing how it affected my daily work.

Exercise, sleep, and prayer are ways that help me effectively manage my level of anxiety.

Another effective way for me is healthy focus. Focus on things I can control rather than what I can’t control.

How much Covid is spreading around me or the economic recession the world is experiencing, for example, is not within my control.

What I can control, such as the amounts of money I spend or the personal protection I do when going out or how I’ll respond to losses, should be my focus.

Focusing on parts of my life that are within my control contribute to inner peace that manages my anxiety.