What “New Normal?”

These days, we’re into what government calls “new normal” in view of the Coronavirus pandemic.

By “new normal,” they mean social distancing, wearing a mask, limiting of human freedom, travel restrictions, frequent washing of hands, and so on.

The fact is, what they call “new normal” is actually abnormal. It’s not the way to live normally and healthily.

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A far more accurate description is by asking the question, “What is functional?”

Is it safe?
Is it practical?
Will it get the work done?
Will it hurt me?

These are questions to define what’s “functional,” which I say is what it means to have a “new normal” for awhile for us at this time.

In mental health, people try to act normal. They’re searching for something that does not exist.

Why? Because each one is unique. 

There are so many ways of living. There are so many ways of being in the world. 

It can be impossible to say what’s normal!

Would you want to figure out what I’m trying to say here?

It may help for you to be more functional.

Being you. In the normal, healthy way.