Growth or Safety?

According to psychologist/author Marsha Sinetar, “given the choice between safety and growth, humans will choose safety.”

Taking risks then at a time of crisis is a challenge. We all have a need to feel “safe” in the risks we take or envision.

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A client I know is a man who had a wife and family to support. He is a writer and painter. 

At the outset of the Covid lockdowns, he found himself with depleting income and savings.

Knowing he had to make a change, he sold his condominium unit and rented another unit at a lower cost. 

His risk and sacrifice then left him with a positive cash flow coming in. 

It secured his family’s basic needs at least for a year or more as the world deals with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Also importantly, it gave him permission and time to finance his art and start new digital businesses and do what he wanted.

This is a creative solution. Taking risks for growth can be “safe” if you do what it takes to get creative.

Such creative evaluation and solution to our problems can be very hard to bear when you’re too frightened or things don’t go your way.

It takes courage ... believing that no matter what comes along, you can figure out a solution.