How to Know If You Have Mental Illness?

Mental health is the nonexistence of mental illness.

How do you know if one is mentally ill in need of treatment?

There are known symptoms. If you don’t have these symptoms, you’re most likely in good mental health:

• Chaotic or poor communication 

• Unrealistic, unreasonable perception

• Sudden changes of mood or personality 

• Cruel, discourteous, destructive temper 

• Poor self esteem, inferiority complex 

• Very demanding and controlling

• Parasitic dependence on others for basic needs

• Inability to take responsibility over decisions 

• Psychosomatic ailments 

• Unable to hold a job and support one’s self 

• Hallucinates, hears and sees things, blacks out

• Compulsive cheating, lying, betrayal of secrets

• Addictions to damaging behaviors or substances

• Chronic lack of empathy

• Antisocial behavior, isolation 

Mental health does not come with years or advanced age. It’s more than normal or natural.

It requires positive, vigorous, and dynamic personal growth in the stages of life.

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