If you study the lives of successful sportsmen, champions, and entrepreneurs, they have a common basic formula.

We may call it “psycho-cybernetics.” Or, the creative mind working within you.

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I remember when I became a university chess champion many years ago.

I used psycho-cybernetics in preparing for tournaments. I dream. I study. I work. Dream, study, work.

I visualized me winning games as my exciting goal. I learned all the tactics and strategies. Then, went for it during competitive opportunities.

Applied to psychotherapy, psycho-cybernetics performs as a guidance system toward goal-targets.

If you’re healing from depression or a relational breakdown, you visualize the whole process and gather momentum or steam.

You visualize happening what you want so clearly that you can feel it. You constantly keep it on your mind. This is how to make your therapeutic dream come true.

Much emotional pain and suffering is prevented by psycho-cybernetics. In Christian terms, it’s faith and prayer dynamics.

You sort your mind’s pictures. And you keep only the pictures of hope, healing, and success.