Self Worth and Facebook

We live in the times of Facebook or FB.

Whether we like it or not, young or old, FB has been a widespread reference point of “who am I?” for many around the world.

In the posts and interactions we have over FB, there are those who will consciously or unconsciously try to win more “likes” and/or positive comments.

That drive to get more likes, more views, more friends etc in turn may or will boost or reinforce one’s feeling of self worth. 

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“I feel depressed, I only have a few likes in my post with my picture,” shared a Grade 12 female football player.

She thinks she’s pretty and a good performer. But somehow, her mental state got affected by the evaluation of her chosen “audience.” 

Like money, possessions, relationships, or other circumstances, FB “likes” is outside of self. 

It’s an external and has nothing to do with the real value or essence of your “self.”

When you base your self worth on externals, you become vulnerable to the insecurity of not having your expectations or needs met.

Your true self is internal. It lies within your “security in being.” You are of value, whether successful or not.

You transcend all possible disappointments when you come from a “security in being,” which is what you truly are.

As noted psychiatrist/author Dr. Viktor Frankl put it, “the body and mind are what we have and the spirit is what we are.”

Love of God, your self in Self, gives you that “security in being,” regardless of any externals, performances, or situations.

“But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)


I just bumped on this famous guy.

He has over 46,000 Facebook likes and almost 1,500 comments with over 1.8 million views without preaching or posting something that matters!

It may be telling us something about the psychology of people or social media or cyberspace!