Slay Your Anger Dragon

As she walked down the stairs, Norma shouted at her sister, “Fuck you!” and threw a glass at her.

In anger, Norma expresses a strong reaction like this one. It’s the only emotion she feels since childhood.

Psychologists call this “abreaction.” 

Author Dr. Charles Whitfield describes it as “an outpouring of previously unexpressed psychic pain and energy.”

Abreaction, such as destructive or inappropriate anger, is an extreme and dramatic kind of age regression.

How do you slay this damaging anger dragon?

When recognized or supported in a safe environment, such as in a psychotherapy process, it can be slayed, healed, and shifted to a healthy direction.

I’ve witnessed in my practice the one thing to really lower the level of anger: the freedom to grieve.

Specifically, learning to grieve childhood injuries and losses will give a greater sense of clarity and peace.

In chaotic or dysfunctional homes, grief and sadness are always blocked. The anger serves as a defense against feeling hurt.

So, the more you grieve, the less angry you will be!

Anger is a vulnerable emotion. It will take courage, time, and a therapeutic safe space to heal it.

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