The Brain of the Baby

Have you ever thought of how the brain of a baby works?

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Like most parents, I held and hugged and kissed my youngest daughter, Angel, when she was born almost 18 years ago.

Scientists say that what I did is the start of a baby’s brain development. It picks up a lot from the influence of his or her original caregivers.

As the weeks and months pass by, the baby’s little brain is literally shaped and wired by the parents for social connection and interaction.

I’m reminded of a very shy and fearful youngster, Rizalita, who saw me on Skype a few days ago.

She’s having a hard time making friends and used to prefer being alone. 

Upon deeper probing, she came from a family whose parents seldom take the time to dine out or talk to them about life.

Dr. Louis Cozolino, author of “The Neuroscience of Human Relationships,” said that it is the ... 

“interconnectedness of our minds—and in this case, the parent’s developed mind to the child’s developing one—that defines our existence and survival. That interaction defines who we become.”

Another expert on child development affirms that: 

“The infant’s inner sensations form the core of the self. They appear to remain the central, the crystallization point of the “feeling of self” around which a “sense of identity” will become established.”