According to significant psychological research, touch is of essential importance to the development of an infant.

The hugging. The holding. The kissing. The tenderness. The soothing. 

These are memories of comfort a mother and father can give to their toddler.

Even as a growing child, touch remains important. But then, many parents stop offering nurturing touch as children grow up.

That may have an emotional effect on a child’s overall development and well being.

“I don’t want to be touched whenever I’m upset. I always say that to my wife. But she’d still touch me, so I find myself accidentally hurting her,” shared Manny during a Skype session.

Manny explained then how his father was cold and critical when he was a young boy. He never had conscious remembrances of his father bonding with him.

I believe Manny may had received physical comfort and touch as a baby and toddler.  But as a growing child and eventually an adult, he missed such parental provision.

The fact is, touch is foundational to our psychological and spiritual development. 

We all need touch. It’s necessary.