A Beautiful Mind

In the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” meet Dr. John Nash, a genius mathematics professor at Princeton University. 

Dr. Nash, like so many, is unaware that he has a type of mental illness. 

Over time, schizophrenia is coming out of his thoughts and bizarre behaviors.

Ignoring the pleas of his wife, doctors, and associates, he continues to listen to the voices of 3 imaginary people in his mind.

At the end of the movie, after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Nash was asked by his wife about his 3 “friends,” :  “Are they here?”

But he warmly smiles at his wife, looks sweetly into her eyes and says, “Yes they are. But let’s you and I go out to dinner and enjoy our evening.”

Dr. Nash, through his relationship, evolved into an improved state. It broke a pattern. It changed him.

There is hope! Even when change feels hard.

Whatever the mental, emotional, or spiritual injuries, we all must come to a place of managing them and subsequent reactions. 

With deep work and persistence of time, essential transformation happens.

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