Can You Spot A Toxic Person in Your Life?

About a couple of years ago, I was threatened to be sued by a foreigner married to a Filipina.

They first came to me for marital therapy sessions, which the foreigner resisted. His wife’s issues ranged from womanizing to alcoholism to varied grave abuses.

Eventually, his Filipina wife filed a legal case against him - RA law on violence against women - due to his repeated verbal and physical abuses, including gun-toting.

When he found out that his wife and legal counsel came to me for help, that’s when the foreigner made his threats.

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Bestselling author Jackson Mackenzie, in his book “Psychopath Free,” names 30 “red flags” that you need to watch out for to identify a “toxic person” or psychopath in your life:

• gaslighting and crazy-making
• cannot put himself or herself in your shoes or anyone else’s for that matter
• the ultimate hypocrite 
• pathological lying and excuses
• focus on your mistakes and ignores his or her own
• you find yourself explaining the basic elements of human respect to a full grown man or woman
• selfishness and a crippling thirst for attention 
• accuses you of feeling emotions that he or she intentionally provoking 
• you find yourself playing detective 
• you are the only one who sees his or her true colors
• you fear that any fight could be your last 
• slowly and steadily erodes your boundaries 
• he or she withholds attention and undermines your self esteem
• he or she expects you to read their mind
• you feel an edge around this person but you still want them to like you 
• an unusual number of “crazy” people in their past
• provokes jealousies and rivalries while maintaining their cover of innocence 
• idealization, love-bombing, and flattery 
• compares you to everyone else in their life 
• the qualities he or she once admired about you suddenly become your glaring faults 
• cracks in their mask
• easily bored
• triangulation 
• covert abuse
• pity plays and sympathy stories
• the mean and sweet cycle 
• this person becomes your entire life 
• arrogance 
• backstabbing gossip that changes on a whim
• your feelings of panic and anxiety 

Know how to spot a toxic person or psychopath if you’ve run in with one in your life. 

Make sure you heal and set your self free.