Emotional Problems Involving Time

Susan is habitually unemployed because of frequent tardiness and absences. 

What do you do with an employee who’s always late or absent? 

For many years, Susan would be fired by bosses after only a short period of probation.

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Our sense of values is related to time. 

When we misuse or waste time, it creates unwanted compulsive psychological cycles, moods, somatics, addictions etc.

Much mischief, vandalism, and crime could be explained in terms of how time is used.

Yesterday, I was speaking to a Mom of 3 kids who went into online selling. Like Susan, she suffered from “short-time sense.”

She received many orders. As a result, she felt a need to borrow money to increase her capital.

She honestly intended to pay her creditors. But “not now.” 

Her procrastination had cost her money, her credit rating, and lots of worrying over legal cases.

Healing our psychological sense of time involves developing healthy time habits.

Here are some:  1. Upholding importance of promptness;  2. Advanced planning;  3. Doing things now;  4. Not spreading your self too thin;  5. Do other things or make changes to alleviate boredom.