Understanding Sexual Addiction

Sex addiction is a socially taboo topic. Yet it’s one of society’s most prevalent psychological problems. 

Like too many alcoholics, sexual addicts are generally neglected or ignored for treatment. 

Sexual addicts have something in common with alcoholics, which is what experts call “affect dysregulation.”

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They’re both maintained by a dysfunctional belief system and impaired thinking which keep their behavior unmanageable.

An anonymous sexual addict describes it this way:

“We know better than others the limits of our sexual addiction:

That it is solitary, furtive, and satisfies only itself;

That, contrary to love, it is fleeting,

That it is humorless and cruel,

That it destroys good feelings about ourselves,

That it is hollow,

That it distances us from our feelings,

That it works to exclude our family,

That it exploits power over others,

That it causes us to abuse our bodies,


That we end up broken and alone.”