A Personal First Aid Kit

If you’re going through a loss or crisis, it helps a lot in your survival when you’re good to yourself. 

During difficult times, self care makes the hardships easier to bear.

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Here are a few suggestions:

• Take time to be still and meditate.
• Go for a good walk or exercise.
• Have a time of relaxation with music on.
• Cook your favorite, healthy foods.
• Visit interesting places, like old bookstores, parks, tourist areas etc
• Have a massage.
• Wind down in the evenings before you get to sleep.
• Be pampered in the parlor or some recreation facility.
• Watch or play with little kids.
• Have regular dates with your spouse or partner.
• Chat with family members and have fun for awhile.
• Take vitamins such as Vitamin C and other essential body minerals for vital health.
• Volunteer time and resources to help in the church or for a worthy cause that blesses people.
• Visit or talk with or offer help someone who is sick.
• Pray and seek God’s Word for comfort and wisdom.
• Talk to a therapist or counselor.

These are self comforting activities and many of them are free.

What’s essential when in crisis is to treat your self with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Avoid beating your self up as if you deserved the circumstances you’re in.

Apply this “personal first aid” on you always and you’ll be fine over the long haul.