Can Christians Have Mental Illness?

There is a tendency among many Christians to assume that mental dysfunction or abnormal behavior is caused by spiritual problems.

I remember a church elder who went to his pastor because of growing depression and emotional difficulties. He’s having a nervous breakdown.

After his talk with his pastor, he went away still unrelieved and confused. 

It’s automatically assumed that his experience was a spiritual weakness.

At first glance, it appeared to be true. 

The Bible speaks about mental and emotional difficulties, such as worry, confusion, discouragement, loneliness, etc. 

We’re not lacking in divine guidance.

However, in spite of these verses from God’s Word, Christians do still “crack up.”

Evidence shows that even godly pastors, missionaries, and devoted church members experience emotional turmoil which sends them to mental health treatment.

Here we have a reality: an apparent gap or contradiction between what we learn from the Bible and what Christians actually go through in personal experience.

So, in order to have a whole picture then, we look both to Scripture and psychology to find out why even Christians break down.

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