Covid as Gift

Presently, we are dreadfully handicapped by Covid. 

The whole world is in pain given the deadly effects of the virus on human lives and society.

In Eugene Peterson’s translation of Paul’s handicap - “thorn in the flesh” - in Scripture, the word “gift” is used to refer to it.

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How could a handicap be a gift?

In the case of Paul, he decided to focus on the “gift” and appreciate it and not on the limitation of his “handicap.”

He was embracing of life as it is despite his “thorn in the flesh,” which was never identified exactly. 

But, it could also be speaking of or associated with other types of handicap in our life cycle, such as ageing, physical illness, financial debts, relational pain etc

A gift is to be received gladly.

We can learn to accept the Covid “handicap” as God’s “gift” if we know He loves us enough to give us the gift of “purpose.”

Notice, how we have never been as present, aware, and alert nowadays due to Covid! 

Our greatest weapon against any handicap or crisis is our power to choose one thought, one emotion, or one behavior over another.