Laughing On Outside But Crying on Inside

I had watched an angry man with his lips pursed. His veins stood out on his neck. I even noticed his clenched fists under the table.

Yet he still smiled. Even laughed along the others. He said nice words. A part of him could not admit to the anger within himself. 

He’s internally restrained to allow his true feelings to find expression during the group meeting.

Here I was witness to a common phenomenon: “laughing on the outside but crying on the inside.”

Humans do have feelings. It’s a natural part of us. They need appropriate, healthy channels for their natural expression.

Yes, you can express your feelings. Only if you allow your self to express them.

You don’t have to deny them.

You don’t have to keep them and inside.

You don’t have to be defensive (due to insecurity).

Within reasonable and appropriate ways, you can express the feelings you experience to others.

Otherwise, you lead your self to a psychological and emotional breakdown.

This is really what mental health is - both for ourselves and our relationships.

It’s the freedom and authenticity to express our true feelings in human relationships.

“I break down because I cannot allow myself to express or act on the very real feelings, and especially negative feelings, which I experience within myself,” explains author William Miller.

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