No Human Experience Delivers Ultimate Joy

Life can lose its spark. Its excitement, its zest, its spontaneity. 

I felt empty, bored. My history includes that experience.

When I’d succeeded getting a few millions of money or winning a chess tournament or finishing a highest academic degree, there was still no satisfaction.

Things are always never enough. 

I suppose it’s the nature of the human life cycle to experience periods of relative happiness alternating with spurts of boredom or disorientation.

Here’s what I realized ... albeit a bit later during my young adulthood:

No earthly and human experience delivers “ultimate joy.”

Therein lies the problem.

As the wise writer of Ecclesiastes put it,

“All things are wearisome. Man is not able to tell it. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing” (1:8)

It’s a common tragic source of people’s feelings of meaninglessness or emptiness in their lives.

Some become seriously desperate. Some get addicted to cheap or false “drugs.” Some develop mental illness or psychological impairment. Some destroy their lives.

They do, for they base their lives and look for real joy and satisfaction in the wrong places.

Until they find this thing we call “ultimate joy,” they’d only be going around in circles. 

So where do you find it?

It’s out of this fleeting world. And that’s the absolute reality.

To know and live this eternal truth holds the key to your true lasting joy, meaning, and wholeness.

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