Psychotherapy of God

Last night, I was reading about the true story of a mother, Ann, and her son Tom.

For 20 years, she unsuccessfully tried to help her son who kept angrily withdrawing from her and their family.

Her son Tom acted this way since her hard pregnancy and delivery of him followed by his many days in the incubator.

Ann experienced pain because the more she loved him, the more Tom would disconnect and distance himself.

Finally, he left for college and expressed little desire to return home. Since then, Tom would get worse.

While praying, Ann found out that her love felt conditional to Tom returning and changing.

Ann allowed her heart to be changed. 

She learned the therapy of “unconditional love.” It’s a  “no strings attached” love to flow through her to Tom even if he never changed.

She kept praying for him, sending him notes and greetings, and buying him gifts.

One day, Tom felt the need for a brief visit back home. He described to his mother of a blue sweater he wanted during Christmas.

Never did Tom know that his mother already purchased the blue sweater he wanted months back before his visit. It’s a blue sweater Ann saw in her dreams and prayers.

Ann and her son Tom held each other and cried as they experienced how God was healing their relationship with His divine intervention.

Now, this mother and son would trek for long walks together and share their hearts.

I’d like to call it, “psychotherapy of God.”

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