The Truth About Consequences

When we hide our addictions, offenses, or wrongdoing, there are bad consequences on a person and his life.

Psychologically, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually, some of these bad consequences include:

• a “cover up” behavior and desire to escape consequences of wrong actions

• shifting the blame or personal responsibility off one’s self

• operating from sensual appetites and distorted mindset 

• a drive to know it all to manage public impression 

• a sense of guilt, shame, and low self esteem 

• being stuck with one’s own addictive behaviors 

• mind chronically beset by insecurities 

• dysfunction or abuse of attachment and relationships

• rejection and disobedience of God and His Word

I’m reminded of Socrates who based his philosophy on the principle of ignorance.

He said that ignorance is a root of evil.

So for him, a right understanding will lead to right behavior or action.

He asserted that a man who truly understands, acts rightly. He is aware of bad consequences and avoids them.

Of course, the philosopher missed the limits of mere knowing or education.

Knowing or education is never enough to make a psychologically healthy or moral person. 

The heart can be deceitful above all things despite knowledge.

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