Thomas Edison

Even after his 2000th attempt at inventing the light bulb, inventor Thomas Edison knew the great importance of persistence.

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His assistant, who was severely discouraged, complained to him. 

“All our work is in vain. We have learned nothing,” he told Edison.

To that, he told his discouraged assistant, “We have come a long way and learned a lot. We now know there are 2000 elements we cannot use to make a good lightbulb.”

Edison’s attitude was his top secret that finally led to the successful invention of the light bulb that lighted the whole world.

Psychotherapy, like in most of life’s other areas, benefits you the most when you have Edison’s attitude of perseverance, resilience, and tenacity.

Relapse, slip, or failure along the way is part of success. It’s an inherent part of recovery and wholeness.

Unfortunately, school or society generally praises only those few at the top having manifestations of outward success. 

But the truth is, failure and learning from it is a better teacher and healer than instant success in the development of a person’s true character.