Wordsworth and Consciousness

It feels good for me to look back. 

Especially remembering those times where I felt I made a difference in people’s lives.

I am fortunate to be given the honor and opportunity to offer help to and learn so much from my clients, students, and personal circles.

I recognize I’m not perfect. I made mistakes along the way. I missed some steps.

But I also acknowledge at the same time that it’s part of the wisdom and joy along the way.

Famous poet William Wordsworth once wrote that life is divided into three types of consciousness: 

“that which was”
“that which is”
and “that which will be”

He counseled that we must learn from the past. In that way, we function optimally in the present into the future.

I do have my share of those emotional wounds from the past. I continue to learn from them, which gives depth and meaning to what I do.

Each present moment is precious to me. It’s a gift from God. 

The gift allows me to be thankful and to live more passionately and productively for the mission He intended for me to accomplish in this life.

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