Your Experience is Unique

“Snap out of it, it’s just in your mind,” blurted a husband to his wife who panics in anxiety at the start of the lockdown.

During our session, the wife expressed concern about her husband’s insensitivity. 

She stopped sharing and started hiding from him about her real feelings, even towards him.

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Generally, you’ll discover few people around you who are able to tolerate your suffering. 

They try to prevent you from continuing to hurt. They want you to forget and distract your self.

Yet, you need to understand that your experience is unique to you.

You have every right to directly go through your feelings of pain rather than pretend a smile.

Avoid mixing with people who deny or downplay your pain. You may have to look for proper support elsewhere.

Otherwise, when you hide or just putting up a composed front, your repressed grief can lead to psychological illness, such as stiffness, rigidity, depression, fatigue, or psychosomatic pain.

No matter what theory people have about stage or length of the grieving process, give your self permission to honor your own pace.

You have a right to heal in your own unique way and time.